This week co-owner of Stomping Grounds, Beth Haswell, was invited to join a panel discussion on WXXI's Connections. Beth spoke from the local public radio affiliate, WEOS, in Geneva. The featured topic was "The Future of Libraries and Bookstores," a subject approached as part Connections: Summer Book Week.  Beth's co-panelists were:  

Some of the recurring themes of the show included the opportunities for community building afforded by local libraries and bookstores, and the importance of innovation in keeping libraries and bookstores relevant in the modern age.  

Other topics covered on Summer Book Week included the big changes taking place at Rochester's Writers and Books, the future of the local publishing industry, and the new titles appearing by several local authors.

As always, the opportunity to connect with public radio listeners was much appreciated, and we enjoyed getting to know our co-panelists though WXXI's Connections

You can tune in to this episode of Connections here!





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