Printing Format Options

After you find the image that you're interested in in our archive, the next decision to make is which format to get the image in. We've tried to offer a range of options to meet many needs and also meet our quality standards. We work with Inkpress and Hahnemule papers, as well as a couple other specialized formats.

Here are descriptions of all of our common formats available online.

Feel free to contact us for custom applications


Poster Print

Our standard go to print media is Inkpress Matte 60. It has great image quality and an affordable price. Solid and serviceable.


Rag Print

Inkpress Cool Tone Rag 200 is acid free %100 cotton rag. If you're looking for archival quality and great image quality for a price that won't break the bank, this is where you want to start.


Torchon Print

Torchon is an amazing iconic Hanhnemule paper. 100% alpha cellulose, bright white, and heavily (but not deeply) textured. It's thickness let it draw in inks for deep rich colors. It's texture brings any image to life. Simply incredible. When youwant an amazing print, and you want the best.


Wall Cling

This is like a big sticker that's repositionable and doesn't harm surfaces. It's printed on a synthetic fabric with an adhesive back. Think of it as an upgraded poster. Great for dorm rooms or apartments!


Wall Tapestry

These come in standard widths of 18", 24", and 36". Two aluminum bars are attached to the top and bottom of the print. Printed on our Inkpress Matte 60 paper, this gives you great image quality, and a way of getting really big images up without breaking the bank.


Canvas Print

Who doesn't like a nice canvas print? Printed on Inkpress Matte Canvas, the image will come with mirrored edges and enough extra canvas to allow for stretching at your local frame shop. Includes a coating to protect against UV and physical damage.