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A Crossing In The North


A Crossing in The North” - Oil on Linen - 48" x 72" - 1981

This painting was used on the announcement card for Charles’s second exhibition in New York City, at The David Findlay Gallery. It came through wanderings at dusk in Western Michigan—between Winter 1979 and Summer 1981. Following several years of photo realism, when he explored in paintings the reflective surfaces of hard-edged industrial forms as well as the effects of artificial light on the urban landscape, Charles turned his attention to natural light in rural America, finding the flat and gentle rolling landscape of the northern Mid-West enchanting. He particularly loved the way twilight seemed to linger, illuminating the simple elements of this area hugging Lake Michigan. Every landscape object had its distinctive symbolic moment in the play of twilight. This particular painting features only a couple of monumental shapes in the atmospheric afterglow of evening. In terms of a “story line,” it is only after experiencing light lyrically bathing the nearly flat landscape that one recognizes there are no tracks at this railroad crossing.