Flint Creek from Griffith Road, Looking North


Flint Creek from Griffith Road, Looking North” - Acrylic on Panels - 8" x 10" - 2010

In 2010, Charles was commissioned to paint two small winter landscapes. He chose views from a favorite place a short distance from home. Central/Western New York is mostly gentle rolling farmland, with streams flowing in and out of the Finger Lakes. Geneva is the northernmost city on Seneca Lake, but because the lakes drain northerly into the Mohawk River, and ultimately the Hudson, Geneva is technically at the foot of Seneca Lake. Many of the small creeks also flow in a northerly direction. As Charles describes these paintings, “I’ve paddled several of the surrounding streams. This one, Flint Creek, is not particularly navigable, but features pleasant views. I made several drawings from a small bridge where Griffith Road crosses over the creek. Then from the sketches I did two small acrylic paintings in my studio—one view looking South, and the other North.”