Keuka Lake and Bluff Point from McGregor’s Vineyard


Keuka Lake and Bluff Point from McGregor’s Vineyard” - Acrylic on Canvas - ca. 23" x 29" - 1998

By the late 1990s, Charles had been battling with acrylic paints for over a quarter-century “to find some way of using it to make paintings that didn't look like congealed blobs of linoleum flooring. Eventually I raised the white flag and gave-in to the limitations as I experienced them.” Rather than trying to achieve a satisfactory full-bodied paint film (as with oil paint), he primed the canvas support with so many layers of gesso that the canvas’s weave became neutralized as a material distraction. Then he mixed a solution of acrylic flowing-agents to extend the quick-drying acrylic medium’s “workability” time, and poured the mixture into a large plant misting bottle. By making the surface as smooth as possible and preventing the paint from drying too fast, spraying it down as he worked, he reached an acceptable, even pleasant compromise. For this work, he took a portable studio of his new materials to the hill overlooking the McGregor Vineyard on the East side of Keuka Lake in NY State, about 30 miles from his home.