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Paper Airplanes


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These 12 paper planes are incredibly easy to build—merely pop-out the paper parts, fold where indicated, and staple to finish. That's when the fun begins! The sturdy paper airplane launcher catapults the planes straight up in the air, before they glide gracefully back down to earth. 

This paper airplane kit includes:

  • 12 pop-out paper planes
  • A rubber band catapult launcher
  • Step-by-step, full-color assembly instructions

Awesome paper airplane designs include:

  • The sci-fi inspired Thunder Bird—a technological marvel and incredibly simple plane to assemble!
  • The colorful Dragonfly—a unique 4-wing structure that's highly unusual for a paper airplane!
  • The high-tech Space Ship Two—with a fuselage just like the real-life Virgin Galactic rocket ship.
  • And many more!

Unlike other origami airplanes, these are ready to go in under a minute, with no messy glue or tape required! A full-color instruction book provides clear information about each model and tips on how to fine-tune the planes to get better performance. Supercool Paper Airplanes Kit's ingenious designs—made with special paper and designed for ideal weight distribution and long-lasting flights—are perfect for kids and adults alike.