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Print (Poster / Rag / Torchon) Dimensions Wall Cling Dimensions
Small 19.0" x 22.0" Small 20.5" x 24.0"
Medium 22.0" x 25.5" Medium 24.0" x 28.0"
Tapestry Canvas
Small 18.0" x 21.0" Small 15.5" x 18.0"
Medium 24.0" x 28.0" Medium 18.0" x 21.0"

Your Print Options:

Poster Print

While this is our lowest priced print, it's still an excellent paper. Inkpress Matte 60 is a acid and lignin free paper. Bright white, and 10 mil. Available in three sizes, all come with a 1" white border around the image for easier matting.


Rag Print

Inkpress Cool Rag 200 is a 100% cotton rag paper. This is an acid-free, 200gsm, 15 mil, with a smooth and bright matte finish. Excellent print quality at an excellent price. Available in three sizes, all come with a 1" white border around the image for easier matting. This rag paper is better at dark, rich colors than the poster print.

Hahnemuehle Torchon Print

When you need something extra-special, we recommend Hahnemuehle's Torchon. This is a 100% alpha cellulose, 285gsm, textured watercolor paper that is acid-free. This offers superb image quality and is our favorite Hahnemuehle paper. Available in three sizes, all come with a 1" white border around the image for easier matting.

Canvas Print

Our maps are also available as cotton-poly blend canvas prints, ready to be gallery stretched. For the best presentation the edges on our canvasses are mirrored or have the paper color extended around the sides. Canvas prints receive a UV and surface protective coating. Additional canvas is left around the image to facilitate gallery stretching at your local frame shop. Available in two sizes.

Wall Tapestry Print

Especially well suited for long horizontal maps, the image is printed to the edge of the paper. Aluminum tension bars are placed on the top and bottom of the print for easy hanging with a clean, modern design. Bars are easily removable. This format comes in an 18", 24", and 36" wide version.

Fabric Wall Cling

Great for kids rooms or for versatile displays - these Terylene fabric clings are easily repositionable without causing wear or staining to the paint underneath even after long periods of time. Wall Cling images are printed to the edge and are available in three sizes.

We produce all of our on images in shop, and we are happy to offer custom work to our customers. Please inquire for pricing and options.

Stomping Grounds

Solar System - Comparative Magnitudes - 1838

Solar System - Comparative Magnitudes - 1838

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From "Smith's Illustrated Astronomy, designed for the use of the public or common schools in the United States."

This book was published in 1838 and is significantly rare. Uranus had been discovered only in 1781, and Neptune in 1846, and both planets are discussed under the names of their discoverers, Herschel and Le Verrier.

The original is available for sale HERE.

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