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Bur Forget Me Not

Bur Forget Me Not

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Lappula diffusa (Lehmann) Greene 

Bur-forget-me-not is a lovely plant growing two feet in height 
and bearing a profusion of delicately scented blue flowers. When it 
was in fruit we were disillusioned as to its character, for we found 
that each flower produced a small round bur covered with prickles 
which attached itself to any passing object and was difficult to loosen. 
The plant is especially plentiful in the tracks of old snow slides, for 
it delights in the cool moisture of slopes where much snow has 
melted. Sometimes the flowers are white. 

Bur-forget-me-not ranges from Colorado to California and north- 
ward to Alberta and British Columbia. 

We found the plant growing near Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada, 
at an altitude of 5,000 feet.

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