About Us

Stomping Grounds is a one-of-a-kind retail shop located in the Finger Lakes Region of Upstate, NY. 

Stomping Grounds was founded by James and Bethany Haswell. Beth's background in antiquarian books and paper led the couple to stunning and timeless maps and illustrations that James reproduces as wall art for your home or office.

Stomping Grounds also offers new and used books, carefully chosen gift items, home accessories, wall art including prints and photos of the Finger Lakes region, original and reproduction antique maps from all over the world, as well as fine art printing and custom framing. 

Why "Stomping Grounds"?

When we started reproducing vintage images, many of them were photographic images taken from old postcards. We saw these images as a link to "past" and a link to "place." We thought people would be interested in celebrating their "Old Stomping Grounds" through reproductions of antique photos and maps.