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Antique German Wine Catalog Holiday Images


We don't know much about The Continental Bodega Company other than the meager bits we've scoured from the interwebs, and of course, their stunning images.

"The Continental Bodega Company, established in 1879 in Brussels, operated a European chain of cafés that sold port and sherry by the glass and by the bottle. In 1961 it was acquired by the Dutch wine merchant Schaefers-Würdemann, which in its turn was sold to Lucas Bols in 1969. The Continental Bodega Company brand was discontinued by Bols in 1979."

The above information comes from where there are some tasting notes too! (

The cover images features one of my favorite renditions of an older styles Santa Claus which almost has a haunting feel to it. While the other images can be a bit bawdy, they're fun and eye-catching and would make a unique gift for anyone who appreciates wine, art, and the holidays.