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Abandoned New York: The Forgotten Beauties

Abandoned New York: The Forgotten Beauties

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Abandoned New York: The Forgotten Beauties offers readers a trip back to a grander time of architecture and living. From urban New York City to the vast rural areas above it, the photographs in this publication capture the remains of buildings, many now reclaimed by nature. Former houses, hospitals, theaters, and places of congregate worship now sit idle and stuck in time. Inside these places, as well as out, hearken back to times where life was far different than the contemporary. Follow author Jenn Brown on her photographic journey of several years inside places outside the eyes of the public. Jenn invites viewers to experience a different side of places most turn a blind eye towards and see the beauty beyond decay. Buildings now vacant and in a state of disrepair still adorn architectural elements of unreplicated beauty. The silence of once bustling factories, hospitals, and homes is loud, and in some ways, seems unfitting for places of mass assembly, even in closure. Decades of vandals, arson, and inevitable demolition leave only photographs and memories of their inhabitants to pay tribute to their existence. 112 pages. Photo illustrated. Color. 

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