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Stomping Grounds

Abandoned Upstate New York by Nicholas Long

Abandoned Upstate New York by Nicholas Long

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Accompanied by the faint hum of crickets and the sounds of wind whistling through shattered glass, photographer Nicholas Long ventures into complete darkness in order to shed light on how remarkable life once was. With only a camera and flashlight in hand, he travels fearlessly through underground tunnels, scales ladders caked in rust, and squeezes through narrow passages in search of obsolete technology and relics to share with the world. Many of his works, included in this book, provide a raw and nostalgic insight of the past, all the while revealing just how unsettling it can be traveling alone through the ignored and forgotten territories of Upstate New York. From abandoned houses and shops, to the monumental factories of St. Regis Paper Mill and Abbass Food Corporation, Nick has only scratched the surface of what lies secluded from public eye. Follow Nick as he wanders through these desecrated locations that have been buried in time, in search of a more vivid understanding into abandoned Upstate New York.

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