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Canada Violet

Canada Violet

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Viola canadensis Linnaeus 

Canada violet is easily recognized, because its habit of growth is 
different from that of most members of the Violet Family. The plants 
grow to a height of six inches or even two feet in favored situations, 
and the pale, rather inconspicuous, slightly scented flowers spring 
from the axils of the leaves. The Canada violet prefers moist shady 
places in the proximity of pines and firs, but it grows also in alpine 
meadows. Its flowering season is longer than that of most violets, 
lasting well into the summer. 

The wide range of Canada violet makes it a familiar plant to many 
flower lovers. It occurs from the mountains of Alabama and Arizona 
northward to Newfoundland and Alaska. 

The sketch was made at Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada, where the 
plant was found at an altitude of 5,000 feet.

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