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Candlelit Desserts

Candlelit Desserts - Cupcake Candles - Key Lime Pie

Candlelit Desserts - Cupcake Candles - Key Lime Pie

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Standard Size Cupcake Candles

Cupcakes average 5 oz each

Each cupcake is scented to match how it is decorated

Candles are handmade so colors can vary

These are pillar candles so they should always be burned on a plate because they can drip. The top of the candle will burn faster than a normal candle due to being mixed with air to create the frosting look. Sometimes the candle will burn out once it burns through the top to the base. The wick is all the way through the base, so you can scrape off the top and relight the wick. Total burn time is an average of 10 hours. It can vary if it is burning in a room with a draft.

Key Lime Pie scent

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