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Let's Get Fizzical - Pippa Guy

Let's Get Fizzical - Pippa Guy

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Add some sparkle to your life with this irresistible cocktail recipe book, featuring over 50 drinks made from Champagne, Prosecco, Sekt, Cava, and other sparkling wines.

Let’s Get Fizzical - an inspiring mix of classic cocktail recipes such as bellinis and mimosas, alongside exciting variations and twists, offering tips, tricks, presentation ideas, and technical know-how to make your cocktails as sensational for the eye as they are for the palate.

Pop some bottles and dive on in to discover:

   • Over 50 cocktail recipes, including classics with creative reinventions.
   • Includes a Beginner’s Guide to Bubbles chapter  which offers useful know-how and fun facts about how sparkling drinks are created and how they differ from one another.
   • Explains key words and phrases every sparkling wine lover should know, including “brut”, “sec,” spumante” and “frizzante”.
   • Lose the booze” panels for many recipes, giving a non-alcoholic option for anyone having a drinking day off.

The introductory chapter, A Beginner’s Guide to Bubbles, explains the differences between sparkling wines to help you tell your spumante from your frizzante, or your extra-brut from your demi-sec. 
The Know Your Fizz section gives you the low-down on your favorite bubbles, whether that’s a budget Cava or a fancy Champagne.

Get The Party Started gives you the drink mixing skills to impress your guests, from essential cocktail shaking techniques to the perfect glass shape.

Everything you need to know about fizz is here, including insider secrets such as how to make sure your drink keeps its bubbles.

Drink your way through the recipe-packed remainder of the book – master delicious classics, such as the Aperol Spritz and French 75, and discover how to make your drink a little bit special with creative reinventions and original cocktail recipes.
If you ever feel the need for a drinking day off, many recipes feature a “lose the booze” option with all the flavor but none of the hangover!

Why not add some sparkle to Valentine’s Day this year, and impress your partner with an array of home-made bubbly beverages, fresh, fizzy and full of flavor!

Whatever your bubbly drink of choice, impress your guests and make every drink a celebration with Let’s Get Fizzical. 

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