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Moskito- The Curse by Mathew J. Mesler

Moskito- The Curse by Mathew J. Mesler

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In 1994, Joseph Hill, a promising college football player, is attacked by a cursed parasite that carries the wicked blood of Moskito—a monster risen from hell to destroy all that is good. Piling onto Joseph’s pending disaster are the trials of navigating freshman academics, experiencing newfound love, and dealing with cruelty from his teammates about his Native American roots.

The pressures on Joseph to fit in are compounded when he suffers from visions during his Native Studies class that are so real that the history lives and breathes within him. His peculiar professor seems to know something about Joseph and his family’s past. After she teaches him how greed and revenge have shaped the present darkness, he learns about a prophesy from 1794: a savior of the Nations will rise to face an epic battle against evil to prevent the extinction of the bicentennial Canandaigua treaty.

Soon, legends of terrifying beasts and vile mosquitoes that crawl underneath human flesh become a reality for Joseph, and as friends and family go missing, he’s left with no choice but to fight Moskito and his army of Moskitowalkers or lose everything and everyone he cares about.
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