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Stomping Grounds



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Campanula rotundifolia Linnaeus 

No one who has seen harebells remains unappreciative of their 
dainty beauty. The apparently delicate stems are really strong and well 
able to support the flowers they carry. The buds are usually upright, 
but the flowers when open are horizontal or turn downwards to 
protect the stamens and pistils from passing showers. The name rotun- 
difolia ("round-leaf") describes the basal leaves of the plant, which 
usually disappear before the flowers have developed. 

The harebell has as wide a distribution as any member of the Bell- 
flower Family, ranging from Pennsylvania to Illinois, New Mexico, 
and California, and north to Labrador and Alaska. It grows also in 
Europe and Asia. It is the Scotch bluebell or "bluebells of Scotland" 
that is celebrated in verse. 

The sketch was made from specimens found near Hector, British 
Columbia, at an altitude of 4,000 feet.
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