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Self - Love Affirmations & Reflections

Self - Love Affirmations & Reflections

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A self-love deck with powerful affirmations to transform the way you see yourself and the world around you—cards for daily motivation, inspiration, and reflective healing.

Self-Love Affirmations & Reflections is a portable deck that can be incorporated into a daily ritual or called upon for stress reduction, solace, or connection. Cards present an opportunity to sit meaningfully with yourself, one small step at a time. Scientific research reveals that positive affirmations can rewire the neural networks in our brains. When paired with an ethos of self-love, these affirmations become a tool for perspective change and hardwired transformation. In other words, when we commit to embodying self-love through affirmations, we see it ripple through every area of our lives. Unlike a book, the goal with a deck is not to “finish” it. The value is returning to it again and again, allowing yourself small increments of time to foster deeper self-compassion.  

  •       52 cards with empowering affirmations to encourage positive self-talk and establish a ritual of sitting compassionately with yourself.  
  •       Intentional reflections come with each affirmation to take you deeper into the inquiry of the self—your deepest truths and desires.  
  •       A portable reminder to carry with you as you carve out time for yourself. 
  •       A supportive gift for friends, loved ones, and your community—perhaps someone who needs a reminder of their greatness.  
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