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The Spirit of a life, And Soul of a Memory by Louie Springer

The Spirit of a life, And Soul of a Memory by Louie Springer

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Have you ever wondered what someone thought about on the day they died? If they randomly reflected on the life that they had lived before succumbing to the world? What those final moments were like and where did they go?
The Spirit of a Life, And Soul of a Memory is composed of four separate stories that follows the main characters of each in just that…their final day of life and the immediate afterlife they experience after passing on.

Each story is unique, providing different walks of life with certain circumstances and situations, which provide a level of relation to the characters in each story. A Firefighter turned EMS trying to find the right path while having a growing family. A Social Worker who was born in poverty, but worked her way to a better life. A Soldier who lived a lost life until he went into the service. A dancer who hears more than just her voice that leads her down a dark hole.

The four stories that create 
The Spirit of a Life, And Soul of a Memory are derived from a variety of love, pain, happiness, depression, pride, and life to create feelings that can be felt and understood. The stories have a strong focus on the habits that tend to be a common crutch in our lives, like the use of alcohol among other things. Mental health is a common theme through each story in order to acknowledge that mental health affects everyone in different ways. These are stories that are about life and how we live through circumstance, choice, and consequence.

Make a choice and take a chance with an open mind to read 
The Spirit of a Life, And Soul of a Memory. One may not only appreciate the stories inside, but also find a reflection of their self based from each characters journey. To recognize the world they live in and how they have gotten to where they are. To know the life they have lived and how to continue living.
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