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Stomping Grounds

Arrowleaf Groundsel

Arrowleaf Groundsel

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Senecio triangularis Hooker 

Arrowleaf groundsel is a common plant which blooms late in the 
season in the Canadian Rockies. It likes the rich soil of the borders 
of alder thickets, where the brittle stems are somewhat protected 
from the wind, and other moist places. It is a lush, coarse plant whose 
yellow flowerheads give a gay color note in contrast to the bright 
green leaves. 

The genus Senecio belongs to the Aster Family, and comprises at 
least twelve hundred species found in many parts of the world. They 
are widely distributed over the North American continent. This spe- 
cies ranges from New Mexico and California north to Saskatchewan 
and Alaska. 

We gathered the specimen sketched near Evelyn Glacier, twenty- 
five miles from Castle, Alberta, at an altitude of 6,500 feet. 
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